Internal Investigations on Environmental Events

Internal Investigations  on Environmental Events

An internal investigation following an environmental event always takes place urgently and under diverse pressures. Such investigation and its outcome carry complex implications to criminal proceedings that may be expected to follow, therefore it is of crucial importance to carefully edit and prepare the outcome. For example, after the occurrence of an environmental event, probably there will not be enough time to consider things such as:

  • May the internal investigation report eventually incriminate the plant?
  • How is internal investigation report exposed to the public and to the authorities?
  • What are the issues, and what method of inquiry should be employed in the investigation? 

In order to carry out an environmental investigation of the incident, the factory must be well known to the inquirer. We believe that the proper management of an environmental incident investigation, depends first on preparing a suitable procedure, whereby the test will be conducted and will include their most basic question - what is the environmental event that should be investigated ? 

As part of our business, we are very familiar with the field of environmental investigation, so that we can help you to pass through this crisis optimally and to minimize the turmoil. Any engagement we take to provide environmental legal services is strictly confidential by lawyer-client relations law, and therefore, any aspects of tackling the problem and legal advice we can give you during the process will be confidential and for your eyes only. 

During an internal investigation, we can assist you consider the following items:  the purpose of the investigation; who is the most suitable to lead the investigation and how to lead it; How to announce the existence of an investigation to employees; How to keep due contact with the environmental authorities and the media; How to contract with professional external elements to manage the investigation.