Directors -  This Way You Won't Turn Your Company Green

Directors - This Way You Won't Turn Your Company Green

Maariv Isrealy daily newspaper
Tzvi Levinson and Gil Dror, Adv. October 2009

Assessments of environmental impacts of industrial plants are not a trivial process, which can be achieved in a short period. Without carefully planed environmental risk management system, the corporation will react to events rather than behave proactively. Implementation of environmental management and infrastructure systems is a complex process which supposes to build a "culture" of management. The result should take into account the environmental issues, the environmental laws and the gaps between them and the way the industrial plant functions in reality. Risks associated with environmental issues cannot be ignored, as they threat the very existence of the enterprise and impose personal responsibility, criminal and administrative, on the managers. This requires placing the issue high on the priorities of the company, at the daily decision-making processes and for the long term.

EMS is not a shelf product. You cannot buy it as a finished product. Any attempt to shortcuts, without a set policy - which has a heavy legal meaning, first and foremost in the senior management level - is not recommended. Levinson - Dror EHS law firm has extensive experience in establishing and accompanying industries and businesses in the preparation of compliance programs and in the construction of environmental risk management systems. The article reviews the legal aspects required by proper planning and execution of these processes.