International Workshops on Efficient E-waste Management

International Workshops on Efficient E-waste Management

Bangalore and New Delhi, India ‎ 04 - 09.05.2006

Attorney Julia Lietzmann of our firm has been invited to lecture on two workshops on efficient e-waste management in Bangalore and New Delhi (India) on 4/5 and 8/9 May 2006. The workshops are part of an Asia Pro Eco project.

Asia Pro Eco is an EU programme designed to strengthen the environmental dialogue between Asia and Europe through the exchange of policies, technologies and best practices that promote more resource-efficient, market driven, and sustainable solutions to environmental problems in Asia.

The specific project aims at the creation of an optimum knowledge bank for efficient e-waste  management in India.

Attorney Lietzmann presented the new EU legislation (WEEE, RoHS) which imposes on the producer of electrical and electronic equipment to collect it and recover/recycle it at its end-of-life.