Water Supply Conference

Water Supply Conference

The Israel Trade Fairs & Convention Center, Tel Aviv ‎ 19.12.2002

Supply of water is the operational phase, between the productions of water until they are received by the consumer. At this point where the water enter to the system of  infrastructure, transport, distribution and storage they undergo various treatments bringing to quality suited to deliver them.

The second conference of the Israel Water Association followed this journey. Attorney Tzvi Levinson served as chairman of the conference. During the conference  lectures were given on various aspects of the production and supply process: Strategic aspects; Structural aspects of the supply system and the water treatment system; Engineering aspects involved in the utilization of conveying water infrastructure of water and wastewater in parallel; Administrative and legal aspects of environmental law.

Lecturers gave reports on the impact of these aspects on the standards for the quality of water used for different purposes and for the determination of water fees of all kinds.