Environmental Policy

Environmental Policy

The Levinson-Dror Environmental & Safety Law Firm provides consulting and representation to corporations in the field of environmental and safety law.

  • The office's address is, 6 Ben Gurion ave. Haifa with area of 180 square metres.
  • The effect of the office on the environment comes from energy consumption and using substances and from commuting and traveling of the employees.
  • The employees in their practice promote the protection of living organisms, water and air quality and natural resources.
  • The office will comply with national laws and regulations and will have an ambition to comply with international environment standards.
  • The office will operate in an environmentally friendly manner by using environmentally friendly substances and raw materials, saving energy and training the employees.
  • The office management will allocate resources and take measures to ensure that the working environment meets the appropriate safety, hygienic and environmental standards in order to minimize the effect of the office on the environment.
  • The office management will see to it that environmental information is kept in records which are regularly updated. The information will be communicated to the employees and the office's collaborators so that they absorb and use it in their daily practice.
  • The office will follow the principles and recommendations contained in the ISO 14001 standard.
  • The office management will prepare work instructions and work environment standards in order to ensure the practical implementation of the policy.
  • The office strategy will promote behaviors and professional skills which support safe and environmentally friendly work conditions.
  • Environmental management principles will be assimilated into the practice of the office in order to attain efficiency and save natural resources.
  • The clients are advised on how to adopt practices which will improve the environmental and safety management of their firms and decrease the effect of their activities on the environment.
  • The office will cooperate with suppliers of goods and services who follow environmentally friendly policies and social responsibility attitude.
  • This policy will be reviewed and updated every three years.

Applicable to Legal consulting and representation in environmental, health and safety law


  •  Signature: The Levinson  - Dror Environmental  & Safety Law Team.