Drinking Water

Drinking Water

In Israel there is always a shortage of water in general, and particularly of drinking water. Naturally, the southern part of the country is an arid zone and has to receive drinking water from other areas. In the north and the coastal strip, there is a trend of deterioration in water quality which requires the authorities to postpone new drilling and use of surface water resources for drinking. 

According to the Public Health Act, the Health Ministry is the body responsible for the authorization and supervision of water resources intended to be supplied as drinking water. In this context, the Ministry of Health bears responsibility to allow use of surface water sources, to establish protective strips for water resources, to oversee the operation of water supplies, to conduct monitoring of water resources and more. In recent years, following the work of the "Adin Committee", in which we served as legal advisors, more stringent new values of contaminant were determined in drinking water. 

As part of this, it often happens that water suppliers find themselves entangled in a bureaucratic thicket of approvals, permits and licenses that seem to be insolvable. We recognize these situations closely - and we can assist you to overcome them. As someone who accompanied closely the work of the committee appointed to recommend and apply new standards of quality of drinking water in Israel, we are very familiar with this area. Within the Public Health Ordinance, as well as within the state health regulations, we recognize many provisions which, if correctly interpreted, can allow you, the water suppliers, to provide water and overcome obstacles that may arise during the work. 

Although it might seem that drinking water supply is an area exclusively under the authority of the Ministry of Health - that is not quite so: For business license to hold and use disinfectants and other chemicals, the involvement of the Ministry of the Environment is required; For transportation of disinfectants and other chemicals you require a license from the Ministry of Transport leads, etc, etc. 

We can assist you, obtain all licenses and permits required for your activities, and to manage your business to prevent a breach of environmental laws, cause environmental contamination and bring upon yourself unnecessary complications with the authorities.