Fluoridation of Drinking Water - Good or Bad?

Fluoridation of Drinking Water - Good or Bad?

Dental - The Dentists' Journal in Israel
An interview with attorney Tzvi Levinson February 2012

Drinking water move a long way from the source to the supply of water for drinking. For instance water suppliers must utilize disinfection techniques using chlorine, ozone or UV radiation, in order to prevent the buildup of bacteria or viruses that cause diseases in the water supplied.

Until recently, most of the drinking water suppliers were obliged to carry out water fluoridation, aimed at preventing tooth decay. The subject fo fluoridation of drinking water was abandoned and raised again every few years. Proponents and opponents of fluoridation show, each side in turn, proofs that reinforce their arguments.

The article about fluoridation contains an interview with Adv. Tzvi Levinson, who was the legal adviser to the "Adin Committee” to examine the updated water quality regulations. He was interviewed about the legal aspects of the issue, including on the subject of legal proceedings conducted worldwide.