Blending Water and Wastewater of Different Qualities – Legal Aspects

Blending Water and Wastewater of Different Qualities – Legal Aspects

"Water and Irrigation" The Israel Water Works Association Journal, Vol. 467
Tzvi Levinson and Gil Dror, Advocates September 2005

The need to supply water is one of the most human essential needs of all. The more western a society becomes, the need to supply more water increases.

Around the globe and in Israel water and wastewater has varied uses: starting from drinking, washing, cooking and enjoying to watering agriculture crops, industrial manufacturing, and trade uses. Water is also used for keeping and remediating nature.

Allegedly, water could be supplied to all these uses, yet obviously, since there is a water shortage around the globe and in Israel in particular, one has to carefully consider budgeting water.

Water comes in different qualities which can be classified, as for instance high qualified water will be used for drinking and household, while water from a different quality will be sufficient for agriculture crops. Water of the lowest quality will have other usages.

Blending types of water therefore, will affect the different usages and will not serve its purpose. Even on a urban, municipal level separating water of different qualities is highly essential and important.

Here are few of the questions that this article answers:

Does the Israeli law relate or make a distinction among the types of water and does it take a stand regarding blending of water of different qualities, and if so, who carries responsibility towards maintaining a clear separation among the different water types.