Business Licensing

Business Licensing

Business license is the heart and the soul of the business. The business license and the adjacent terms are the main tools through which the local authority, the Ministry of Environment and other authorities regulate the environmental implications of activities. The Licensing Authority and the Ministry of Environmental Protection have the power to add special conditions to the business license. These special conditions are actually at the heart of the license, and violation of any of them may constitute a violation of the Business Licensing Law. 

The issue of business license is a most complex issue requiring considerable expertise: the first phase is the application for the business license. Already at this stage, unfit submission, like unsuitable or inadequate licensing items, can cause many problems later on. Moreover, the determination of which items of business require licensing is not solely dependent on the legislation - and for that purpose familiarity with both the components of your activity and with the relevant law cases in the field of business is required. We can assist you at this point, in preparing the application and test its suitability for your activities. 

After submitting the application, the way to receive the coveted license can still be a bumpy road. For example - the factory was dealt additional conditions that cannot be applicable. It is clear - having a business license but undergoing non-compliance will result in the company breaking the law. Therefore, our advice starts already at the stage of the negotiations with the authorities on the conditions of your business license.

We help in defining the authority and jurisdiction limits of the authorities, review the "reasonableness" and "proportionality" of the proposed conditions, and provide you with powerful tools for the management of these negotiations, which have a decisive impact on your activity. Then, if and when unreasonable or unsatisfactory conditions have been set, there is a mechanism of reasoning, its use limited to the schedule established by the Business Registration. Filing an application for reconsideration and reasoning, and the proceedings following this, are something that we are dealing with on a daily basis, and we can help you with that. 

In recent years, as part of a complicated reform of the Ministry of the Interior, the Business Licensing Law and the Business Licensing directives have been modified, and the fundamental principles of regulation of licensing in Israel amended. Familiarity with the reform is essential to proper submission and the ability to meet the requirements set forth in the license business, as part of the adjustment of environmental activities with the law. 

Even after your business has been issued a set of conditions that cannot meet - the road is not yet dead. We have extensive experience in litigation in turning and canceling decisions concerning the addition of special conditions that do not take into account the needs, abilities and the legitimate rights of the enterprise. All along such procedures, it is necessary to work closely with experts in order to formulate an expert opinion - the legal team in our office have all the skills, training and experience to assist you find the experts most appropriate for your needs, and integrate their expertise with legal needs to formulate for you the optimal appeal. 

Licensing a business carries extensive administrative and criminal implications. Closure orders and indictments are served against the business executives in administrative and criminal proceedings. Even in such cases, we can provide you with at the best legal representation within the framework of environmental law and criminal law in Israel. We have rich experience in the field, and we can help you with that too.


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