Sea Pollution

Sea Pollution

The State of Israel is located along the eastern coast of the Mediterranean Sea. further on, its borders run along coasts bordering the Red Sea in Eilat and the Dead Sea. Protection of the sea from environmental hazards is regulated by a series of international treaties, including the Barcelona Convention for the Protection of the Mediterranean Sea, marine pollution treaties and the discharge of oil waste into the sea. The provisions of these Conventions are being altered from time to time med by the addition of new protocols, and these, in turn, find their way into the internal Israeli legislation. Since the State of Israel signed and ratified the Barcelona Convention and its protocols, the Convention rules are internally applied in a series of laws and regulations that come, among other reasons, to prevent marine pollution from land- based sources, and enable streaming restrictions or dumping of wastewater into the sea. At your request, we will keep you informed and help you clarify the complex legal situation in this area. 

In 2005, the primary law, which regulates discharges of terrestrial origin into the Mediterranean, became much stricter. The amendment changed the legal definitions in such a way that it eliminates the need to prove deliberation in marine pollution, and relies solely on the result. Furthermore it was decided to impose charges on any spill into the sea, the definition limits of the deed were extended so that a discharging body can be charged to get the sea cleaned up until restitution of the " status quo ante " and more. 

If your plant has no land available to strew its water or other wastes, we can assist you to manage complex negotiations in front of the special committees, which have jurisdiction to allow the operations of dumping waste into the sea. Even after receiving the coveted permits - often they can be interpreted in different ways. We can assist you to deal with user permits, and exhaust your rights, all of course while maintaining the legal framework for environmental laws. We recognize the many ways in which a true environmental sustainable management could prevent a breach of the law or unexpected and forbidden discharges into the sea - and we will be happy to assist you in this area. 

The Prevention of Sea Pollution from Land Law allows the imposition of civil penalties that could reach significant amounts and pose an existential threat to the company. Legal response to administrative penalties as well as appeals to the administrative courts for cancellation are part of the consultation and representation we can give you. 

In many cases, indictments were filed against factories or authorities which polluted the beach, be it with or without a permit. In such cases, our environmental lawyers can provide you in court the best representation within the framework of criminal environmental law. We have rich experience in the field, and we can help you with that too.