Israel leads in Sewage and Effluent Legislation

Israel leads in Sewage and Effluent Legislation

Haaretz Israel daily newspaper, "Green" magazine
Tzvi Levinson and Gil Dror, Advocates November 2011

Effluent passes several bodies on their journey. Each link in the journey has a decisive influence on the handling of wastewater and effluent quality. If the receiving authorities in their wastewater collection systems will not supervise properly the quality of the discharged effluent or sewage treatment plant will not impose enforcement system in case of irregularities flow of sewage in their systems, infrastructure and sewage treatment plant will be damaged. If the owners and operators of wastewater treatment plants will not install appropriate technology and maintain the sewage treatment plant at a level able to address wastewater quality and quantities, it will result in the discharge of effluents with poor quality to the environment. If providers of treated wastewater will not ascertain that they meet the criteria and of suitable quality, improperly treated effluent  will cause an ongoing process of environmental pollution and possible damage to crops, soil and public health.

In most cases, each of the three squads (collection, treatment and supply) is under a separate authority and one of the difficult problems that legislation needs to deal with, is subjecting the different parts into one system of regulation and liability for the quality of the effluent.

The lack of coordination between the various interests of these bodies should reconcile into new legislation, which aims to institute points of failure and to force solutions for comprehensive eyesight. The article reviews the development, and the dramatic consequences of new effluent legislation.