Recycling and Reuse

Recycling  and Reuse


For a long time, there is recognition that it is not enough to have environmental technological improvements that will make greener and decomposing materials - there is a need to actually reduce the quantities sent to landfills to save land resources and natural resources - both resources that are usually in short supply. As the concept of life - recycle is the solution to restore resources to production in place of new resources used. 

Recycling is here with us, and it is here to stay. Plastics, tires, organic matter, sludge, metal, paper, trimmings, electronic devices and batteries - this is only part of the list of materials currently recycled in Israel and around the world. We are very familiar with the legislation applicable to the enterprises for processing and to the manufacturing enterprises and agencies required to submit products for recycling.

We can help you with ongoing legal consultation beginning with the establishment of a recycling plant, and the continued receipt of environmental permits and licenses required, through a series of alliances with entities related to the removal of waste recycling, reclamation or reuse. 

While in the past the concept of environmental responsibility has been fading away with the manufacturer's marketing of the product, new environmental legislation extends the manufacturer's warranty and expands the recycling obligations even beyond the sale of a product.

For example, according to the packaging law, each manufacturer is responsible for recycling the packaging used to sell the products it manufactured. Similarly, according to the law of e-waste, the manufacturer of electrical and electronic equipment, and batteries, is responsible to recycle electrical and electronic equipment sold, even if they came out of use after many years. To do this, environmental legislation established mechanisms requiring annual reporting, communication, contracting of recognized bodies as well as many other duties. Breach of these obligations, can lead to the imposition of significant monetary sanctions as well as the submission of indictments for violation of orders. 

Regarding recycling of hazardous waste, we can assist you in interpreting the provisions of the Basel Convention on the international transport of hazardous wastes, and the laws that implement the Convention in the State of Israel and the countries to which you want to send or receive waste. We are familiar with the procedures of obtaining required approvals on the subject. 

In this context, we represent clients vs. administrative bodies at the Ministry of the Environment and vs. the various entities recognized by the Ministry of Environment. In cases where violations of the law, even if accidental, occurred, the Ministry of the Environment has the option to impose administrative sanctions and indictments against the enterprises or agencies and their senior management. In these cases, we'll prepare you for the administrative procedures of hearings, investigations and the questionings under caution and, if necessary, we have wide knowledge and rich experience in providing legal representation in the complex criminal proceedings.