Light Nuisance

Light Nuisance

Light pollution is a real nuisance for humans and nature and can also cause significant health problems.

This is the set of negative effects of artificial outdoor lighting during the hours of darkness. These include lighting at a place, time, shade and intensity that are not required, thus creating a lighting nuisance for nearby residents, or for ecological systems, following a disturbance to the natural lighting patterns.


Studies show that damage to the lighting cycle affects the normal functioning of metabolic and physiological systems.

Precisely because the Israeli legislation does not provide a direct response to this hazard, a deepening and understanding of the general environmental law is required, in order to exhaust the various legal options available to those who wish to act on the issue.

Our office was involved in several proceedings in which the matter was discussed and we can help you prevent or reduce the hazard and even sue for the damages caused by it.