Environmental Class Actions

Environmental Class Actions

Submission of an environmental claim is a complex and complicated process that requires expertise and experience. This is even truer when applying for an environmental claim as a class action. In recent years, our law firm has filed innovative class actions, even on a global scale. These actions relate, inter alia, to legal grounds of: 

  • Litigation of climate change - air pollution by emission of greenhouse gases and causing climate change, pollution by burning hazardous substances and causing odor hazards;
  • Pollution of water sources by industrial effluents and substances used in medicines, thereby harming sources of surface water and groundwater, which are the property of the public;
  • Damage to the benefits that the public can derive from natural resources;
  • Pollution of the sea and the coastal environment by rain flowing through municipal drainage systems; 

These procedures require the use of experts from different fields such as hydrology, geology, biology, radiation, meteorology, engineering, climate change, environmental economics and more. 

Our lawyer's extensive knowledge and experience provide us with tools that enable us to "speak" to the experts in their own language and to make the final product - an opinion submitted to the court - able to meet the criteria required for representative proceedings.

In addition, our environmental attorneys have the tools and experience to assist you in the legal ways, to obtain the necessary funding for all such opinions and to cover the risks involved in conducting the class action process.

 Our attorneys will be able to examine possible issues that will be brought to a preliminary examination by our law firm, in order to best assess their chances of crossing the existing hurdles in the approval and management of the class action.