Products Containing Asbestos

Products Containing Asbestos

Asbestos is a dangerous substance. It can cause, among other things, lung cancer and mesothelioma. Working with asbestos  has  aspects of environment and safety.

The main law dealing with this is the Prevention of Asbestos and Harmful Dust Hazard Law, 2011.

The Occupational Safety Regulations (Occupational Hygiene and Public Health and Workers in Harmful Dust), 1984, are another piece of legislation that regulates aspects of working with asbestos-containing material and disposal such waste material. The regulations impose various duties on both the "employer" and the holder where construction work is carried out in asbestos.

The practice of asbestos, including dismantling, supervision, operation of a laboratory and site for the disposal of asbestos waste requires a license.

In view of its danger, there is legislation that restricts and also prohibits asbestos in products.

Violation of the law on asbestos has administrative and criminal aspects.

Is the material you are dealing with or found on the site asbestos? What are the licenses and permits required to deal with the asbestos?What procedures should be prepared for testing asbestos in products? How should we engage with asbestos contractors and where should asbestos be desposed?  Is there a need for a poisons permit under the Hazardous Substances Law? How to make appropriate indemnity agreements in real estate sales and leases where asbestos is suspected?

In these and many other questions, our attorneys will be able to advise and represent you in case of comercial conttracts, civil litigation, administrative proceedings for handling financial sanctions, criminal investigations, representation and criminal litigation.