Air pollution from household wood stoves

Air pollution from household wood stoves

A Cold winter day. The wind is blowing, temperatures are dropping and heavy rain is falling outside.

What is more pleasant than sitting at home, warming up by a wood stove, watching the flames and hearing the crackling of the wood burning in the stove.

Do we know what is emitted in the chimney of the oven?

What is the legislation and regulation applied to the operation of such a stove?

What happens when this is done in concentrations of houses or or of settlements?

Are there any legal restrictions on types of stoves or on types of wood that are put in for incineration?

How can communities reach a settlement with residents, which on the one hand will allow legal operation of the stoves and on the other hand will not cause environmental nuisances and health problems, as a result of air pollutants that may emit and endanger the residents?

As a law firm that has been involved in the field of environmental and safety law for many years, we can give you an answer to all the legal issues that arise from operating home fireplaces.