Caution - Infrastructure Works

Caution - Infrastructure Works

"Globes" Israel's Business Newspaper
Tzvi Levinson and Gil Dror, Adv. January 2005

Every now and then we hear about land pollution during infrastructure works such as laying of sewage piping or repairing them. The land may contain steams of inflammable materials which in some cases can cause an explosion. This endangers not only the workers themselves but also other people, as well as can cause an ecological danger to the environment. This issue has become a global phenomenon in areas of polluted soil.

The contractor may not need a digging permit for this kind of work but he needs to trace all contaminated areas and make all the required tests before carrying out the work. According to local authorities legislation he also has to avoid any health or public hazard by taking the necessary precautions.

The article reviews the legal measures needed to be taken for such works.