Corporate Officer Liability

Corporate Officer Liability

"Globes" Israel's Business Newspaper,
Tzvi Levinson and Gil Dror, Advocates September 2005

One of the tools to enforce environmental law is making officers in corporations responsible for environmental offences. The purpose of this act is first, to make it financially unworthy to perform environmental offence by the corporation and second, to push managers to take proper measures to insure taking of precautions. Apparently the tool of taking personal steps to blame a single position holder is highly effective and genuinely threatening. 

Every employee in the corporation is advised to examine, at the stage of prevention, whether he can be considered as a responsible officer or a senior employee responsible for a certain matter. If his answer is affirmative, he needs to examine his level of knowledge and awareness to the way he must follow the environmental instructions of the law in his field; The article answers what are the supervision measures taken (For instance – receiving reports, setting guidelines and formalities in order to see to which extent the instructions and permissions are followed) and what are the measures genuinely taken by the employee to prevent environmental offence before it occurs.