Registration of Substances in Articles under REACH Regulation

Registration of Substances in Articles under REACH Regulation

Chemistry, Journal No. 87
Tzvi Levinson, Christina Hadjidemetriou and Gil Dror Adv. May 2008

Upon completion in 2006, the EU published the - REACH regulations. These regulations involve innovative legislation that regulates the registration, evaluation, authorization and restrictions imposed on almost all chemicals produced or that will enter the European market. Unlike previous legislation, the  - REACH explicitly refers to the system management mechanism, through the establishment of a European Agency for Chemicals that  follows the registration of chemicals and manage them, and that will follow by reviewing the documents to be transferred to it and demand additional provisions or conditions for implementation. All this process is using a number of innovative concepts.

Such a large volume of legislation has several interpretations, each of which involves risks and opportunities, and it is important to know it. In this article, we do not intend to review, explain and interpret all the information contained in these pages, but since it is better that nothing, we decided to address first briefly to a number of points relating to the first stage in - REACH, which is the stage of registration and particularly the registration of substances intentionally released from articles.