Registration of Monomers Under REACH - Updates From the ECJ

Registration of Monomers Under REACH - Updates From the ECJ

"Polymers and Plastics", Vol. 97
Tzvi Levinson, Christina Hadjidemetriou and Gil Dror Adv. April 2008

The REACH regulations on registration, evaluation, authorization and restrictions on the use of chemicals came into effect in June 2007. Since the regulations came into force, ECHA established in Helsinki, manages the registration process, and other processes that accompany it (evaluation of substances, being a quasi-judicial dispute settlement with powers to impose fines on bodies which do not cooperate, transfer of information to the public, etc.). ECHA established administrative system aimed at managing chemicals in Europe in general, and implementation mechanisms set out in the REACH regulations in particular.

The most difficult duty under REACH is the obligation to register substances. It is estimated that today about 30,000 substances will have to go through the process of registration began this summer (with the exception of the phase in-type substances that their manufacturers or their importers will be able to go through pre-registration procedure).

The article focuses on special rules set for the registration of polymers and monomers in accordance with the REACH regulations and the attempts to challenge ECHA’s interpretation by referring a case submitted by several claimants to the European Court of Justice.