Safety in Transporting Hazardous Materials

Safety in Transporting Hazardous Materials

The use of hazardous substances requires that they be transported - whether by road transportation from or to the factory, or whether internal transportation of hazardous materials while unloading and loading trucks, and transporting the materials to warehouses.

In contrast to the hazardous substances in warehouse, or in operational storage areas in the production line areas, that can be planned, maintained, inspected, monitored or in other words - managed, the transportation of hazardous materials is mostly carried out by external transport companies and raises many questions related to safety and to the distribution of responsibilities.

For example, whoever owns the material has the responsibility to transfer the material to transport companies that have all the required permits and licenses.

In this process of handing over the material to another, there is responsibility for the cargo's management level that is responsible for this. It is important to understand well, what are the documents that are needed to document the transport and the delivery of the cargo, and what is the responsibility of the cargo carrier, not only for the cargo itself, but also for the transmission of the information of the type of cargo, and even for emergency measures in the vehicles carrying the dangerous substances for them.

For many years, attorneys from our office have been engaged in legal support in the field of the transportation of hazardous materials and the legal aspects - environment and safety - involved in it and know it well. Starting from the contractual level, continuing with the review of permits and licenses and ending with a legal review of the procedures governing the transportation of hazardous substances, their loading and unloading, and the responsibility of all factors in the supply chain.