Executive Responsibility for Safety

Executive Responsibility for Safety

For safety purposes, the holder - the entity  in charge of a work site, is defined by the Safety Ordinance to be any one of these: the employer, the work site owner, the person occupying a place of work, the executive director of the work site, the person who is commissioning the  work or who otherwise controls a work site or the executive director of the corporation.

The holder - the entity  in charge or the owner of the construction site - bears the actual  heavy responsibility for the safety on site - and even the corporate officers who are not the direct owners of the construction site or its " holders " - ( as defined by the Safety at Work Regulations : " any director, partner and responsible official " ) have responsibility and have significant legal exposure towards construction site safety laws.

In order to minimize the legal exposure of the corporation and its directors to work safety regulations and work safety laws, the corporation and its directors have to recognize first and foremost their inherent executive duties, and then to recognize and acknowledge the "toolbox" available to them in order to meet the obligations imposed on them.

The most obvious and simple action that can be done about this, is to attend a lecture on the subject of the overall responsibility of managers and officers towards the safety issue, within the quorum of the Company executives. We are frequently invited to give lectures to executive forums, lectures which include the possibility of discussions on the practical aspects of safety issues that concern and at times confuse the attendants.  

In a later stage, we conduct programs of internal reviews on compliance in the field of safety. As part of these programs, the company is examined in relation to compliance with the provisions and the regulations of law enforcement safety, and the findings of this internal project are summarized in a  confidential report which relates to every type of gap in safety compliance to the legal regulation and to the applicable law Articles ( and we can assure you that you will not be left with the report in your hands and not know what to do with it ). Since we know the issues and are engaged in the field of occupational safety laws and know this area so well we can give you the best service from the professional aspect of safety matters.