Electric Vehicles and Charging Systems

Electric Vehicles and Charging Systems

The sale, operation and charging of electric vehicles is a growing component of the Israeli transport system for businesses, institutions and individuals. These issues require an accurate legal response from environmental, energy and safety law.

Are licenses required by the Electricity Laws, and Business Licensing Law?

Is it necessary to comply with the provisions of the Electric and Electronic recycling laws, and the Packaging  Laws?

The equipment used may emit non-ionizing radiation and the need for permits and licenses under the Non-Ionizing Radiation law should also be examined. Since these are electrical systems provided in public car parks and residences, significant legal aspects of safety, safety training and risk surveys must be taken.

 Often the installation and maintenance work is done by external contractors. What licenses and permits are required to hold employees of these contractors? What is the legal system needed to regulate the relationship between the person who sells the electrical equipment / energy and the contractor and the customer who connects his vehicle to the electrical charging system? Who is responsible for furnishing safety equipment and who is responsible for conducting safety training for contractors, their employees and consumers of the electricity?

In all of these and many other legal questions, our law office is engaged and our attorneys will be able to guide and assist you in the field while complying with legislative requirements, best management of risks and procedures to obtain permits or licenses required to properly handle this system.