Tzvi Levinson

Tzvi Levinson

Attorney Tzvi Levinson

Professional experience:

Co-founder of the Levinson - Dror EHS  Law Firm. Committed for the past 30 years to all aspects of the environmental law. For many years the director of the leading law firm in Israel which specializes in representing, advising and accompanying companies on every aspect of the environmental issue.

Integrates and bridges between Israeli environmental law and international environmental law as part of the practice he developed over the years.

For many years he is an Advisor to the largest industrial corporations, businesses and institutions in the country in the areas of air pollution, climate change, environmental reports ( to the international Pollutant release and transfer register -  PRTR), odor nuisances, climate change, Bartering of greenhouse gases (according to the international Clean Development Mechanism - CDM), wastewater, hazardous materials, transportation of hazardous materials, marine pollution, desalination , treatment and disposal of sludge, hazardous waste, packaging waste, electronic waste, recycling, packaging, radiation, noise, as well as business licensing, integrated registration, environmental reporting to the stock exchange and environmental management systems (ISO, EMAS).

Attorney-at -Law Levinson possesses an extensive experience in preventive advising aimed at composing and managing preventive measures included in internal compliance programs (" Gap analysis "), in analyzing environmental legal risks , carrying out of Environmental Due Diligence tests for procedures of mergers and acquisitions, preparation of reports for environmental public companies and support to boards of directors and managing seniorד in formulating strategies and in dealing with the environmental authorities. He represents industrial corporations, businesses and CEOs opposite inquiry committees, in hearings, planning sittings and procedures of the planning authorities, including the National Master Land Plan and the law courts , in various civil, administrative and criminal issues in all domains of environmental law. In addition to expertise in the field of environmental law, Attorney-at -Law Levinson specializes in the field of safety, advises and gives legal support in this area.

During the years 1996-2003 he founded and served as chairman of the Environment Committee at the Central Committee of the Bar Association in Israel.

For many years, he serves as legal counsel and professional active member of the Israel Water Association. From 2004 to 2010 he accompanied as legal advisor the "Adin Commission" which revised and updated the regulations for improving the quality of drinking water.  


Graduate (LLB) Law Faculty of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.


Defined by the international classification guide "  Practical law Company (PLC) " : " a leading environmental lawyer in Israel , widely regarded as the leading expert in the Israeli market. Handles all aspects of national and international environmental law, both contentious and non-contentious".


Lectures in the field of environment and energy in Israeli and international law at the School of Management in

 The Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Management

 on the subject matter of environment and energy at the University of Haifa,  and at professional Israeli and international forums. Published numerous articles on various topics in the field of environmental law, energy and safety.

International Publications:

Tzvi Levinson and Tzipi Iser iitsiq(2020)  - A chapter in a book on climate change litigation.

The book published by the international publisher Springer, deals with the review of climate change litigation in a number of countries around the world.

For a link to the publication, click here.


Tzvi Levinson and Gil Dror (2014). Chapter 42 – Israel. In International Environmental Law – The Practitioner's Guide to the Laws of the Planet, Roger R. Martela and J. Brett Grosko, editors. American Bar Association – Section of Environment, Energy and Resources, p. 827 – 848.

For a link to the publication, click here.


Even before the enactment of any E-waste laws, Attorney-at -Law Levinson published, within the book: " E-WASTE Implications, Regulations, and management in India and Current Global best Practices (2008) " the chapter on Europe's E-waste legislation and on the Basel Convention for transboundary transport of hazardous waste.