Safety Law

Safety Law

Law Office Levinson - Dror provides counseling and legal representation in the field of occupational safety and health laws. In this context, we advise industrial corporations, businesses and large institutions in a wide variety of areas of occupational safety and health - including safety in construction work, machinery and lifting accessories, boilers, pressure facilities, high-altitude work, confined spaces, SDS's, work with chemicals, laboratory work, work with pesticides, occupational safety and health of workers, work with cranes, forklifts, use of personal protective equipment, training of employees responsible for safety, risk management planning, work accidents.

In regular times, Law Firm Levinson - Dror provides preventive legal advice which includes analyzing the activities of enterprises and businesses in view of the legal provisions and the relevant standards in the field of safety, and support the implementation of the action plan to complete gaps and reduce legal exposure of the corporation and its officers.

One of the most significant risks to manufacturers lies in the working relations they have to carry out with third-party contractors, which gain access to the plant's premises but are not subject to the safety requirements and the internal climate of the establishment.

In those cases, we accompany the relationships with contractors and external suppliers from the stage of the tender, the closing of the agreement and the actual performance of the work. If an accident happened, Levinson - Dror Law Firm accompanies its clients through all the necessary actions preparatory to the investigation, assist the drafting of correspondence with authorities and the preparation for hearings and provide support during the hearings.    If the charges are criminal, our attorneys represent our clients in all courts and, if necessary, in the Supreme Court appeals.

Our lawyers give occupational safety training to managers and boards of directors on issues related to executive responsibilities. For over a decade we conduct training sessions on various topics and varied fields of safety - including the transportation of hazardous substances, training sessions at the Israel Institute for Occupational Safety and Hygiene, at the military and defense industries.