International Environmental Law

International Environmental Law

For many years, the environmental law office of Levinson - Dror provides advisory services in the field of international environmental law. The bulk of our engagement in the international field is the counseling of Israeli exporters who plan to introduce products to different markets around the world - in Europe, in North and South America, and Southeast Asia.

In this context, our environmental lawyers accompanied many companies on their way to introduce and sell products abroad, significantly contributing to their successful compliance to environmental checks and providing legal counsel on possible exemptions from  environmental laws. Among other things, our environmental attorneys dealt with the wide and complex European legislation on the issues  of E-waste ( the WEEE Directives; the RoHS Directives; ), European chemicals law (REACH Regulation; Classification, Labelling, Packaging Regulation), and the complex social and ethical environmental legislation in the US (Conflict Minerals Act).  In addition, our law office deals with the parallel legislation in China, and on this topic we wrote the " Guide to the Israeli industrialist " for the Israeli Ministry of Economic Relations about the enactment of E-waste legislation in China.

As part of the broad international perception held by the Levinson - Dror environmental law firm, for many years our team includes environmental lawyers from foreign countries who join us in order to gain work experience as part of our firm. We are proud to maintain continuous contact with many alumni of our law firm, who trained with us and went on their way - including environmental lawyers from the United States, South America, and various European countries. Even after their departure, foreign lawyers do not become separate from the  broader Levinson - Dror Law Firm family, on a personal level but not less significant - maintaining ongoing professional contacts.

Beyond advisory services , our environmental lawyers accompany companies during the critical early period of operation when introducing new products into foreign markets, when it comes to adapting those products to the requirements of environmental laws, rules, and standards in the various markets. To this end, at the request of customers we also provide environmental legislation updates as these occur in foreign countries.

the Levinson - Dror Environmental Law Firm also participates in academic work in the field of international environmental law - be it either by giving lectures, leading academic courses, writing articles published in journals and professional literature, or by lectures at international environmental conferences worldwide.