Environmental Law

Environmental Law

For over 30 years, Law Office Levinson - Dror provides consulting services and legal representation in the area of environmental law around the world. For many years we advise industrial establishments, businesses and large institutions in the areas of air pollution, climate change, environmental reports (PRTR - Pollutant release and transfer register), odor nuisances, Climate change, Sewage, hazardous materials, transportation of hazardous materials, marine pollution, desalination, treatment and disposal of sludge, hazardous waste, disposal of packaging waste, electronic waste, recycling, packaging, radiation, noise, business licensing, Integrated licensing, Environmental reports to the stock exchange and complete environmental management systems (ISO, EMAS).

We operate in every existing domain within the framework of legal advice in the field of environmental law. Mainly, we provide legal advice for the overall analysis of environmental preventive activity of enterprises and businesses on the issue of legal provisions and relevant standards, and support the implementation of action plans to complete gaps and reduce legal exposure of the corporation and its officers.

 Our environmental lawyers are experienced in appearing before senior executives and boards of directors on issues related to executive responsibilities, and in delivering training courses on a variety of areas of law environment topics.

In cases where it is necessary to deal with demands, permits and licenses required by the authorities - we help our customers to deal with the authorities' demands, be it out-front opposite the authorities providing direct guidance, or behind the scenes drafting letters and outlining a true strategic partnership.

When a fault event or a malfunction has occurred, we accompany our customers through all the necessary consequent actions, such as preparation for the questioning, performance of the necessary investigation of the incident, in making the due preparations and providing support for the hearings . If a criminal indictment or a class action has been submitted, we represent our clients throughout the proceedings , in all courts and, if necessary, up to the Supreme Court.

If a decision was adopted against our clients by the environmental authorities (the Ministry for Environment, the Municipal Environmental Association, the Environmental Unit, etc.) which appears to be unjust, unreasonable or disproportionate, such as the denial of a license or cancellation of a permit, adding or tightening conditions to licenses or permits or imposing financial sanctions, we represent our clients in Administrative Petitions at the Administrative Court and at the Supreme Court.

Levinson - Dror Environmental law office is not only a boutique firm ranked for many years at the top of Israel's leading environmental law firms, but also an office where the individuum  and a family atmosphere prevail - with us every customer stands at the center of the universe and is getting personal, professional and dedicated care.